Wingnut Guest Policy

This is a list of the guidelines we have come up with for guests at the Wingnut.


We are a Community Oriented Activist Home

If you are hanging out here or staying here we have a few requests.

  • If you are from out of town, please try to send us an email or call us ahead of time to let us know when you are coming and if you want/need a place to stay.
  • Make sure it is ok for you to spend the night
  • No guest is allowed to spend more than 4 consecutive nights
  • All guests should help with food costs – bring us some food, or throw down some money etc.
  • All guests should help with cleaning, and contribute by cleaning or fixing something every day they stay- ask us, we have plenty to get done
  • All guest bedding should be cleaned up each morning, not left out on couches or floors
  • All guests should do their own dishes
  • Guests can help avoid wearing out their welcome by not zoning out on couches
  • All of our utilities cost money- contributions for the utilities you use are encouraged (internet, water, electric)
  • Please keep utilities in mind- turn lights and electronics off when you are not in the room, and do not waste water
  • Help us out with projects like gardening, cleaning, construction, pruning, building, organizing etc.
  • Communicate with us! Clearly and frequently, so we know your intentions and you know ours
  • Absolutely no illegal drugs allowed, with you or in you. As a political space with police harassment we want to avoid trouble where we can.
  • Guest Pet Policy- We have 2 dogs here. Ours are on flea and heartworm medicine, yours need to be too. Ask before you bring dogs over, and clean up after your dogs. You are responsible for your dogs.

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