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Hey Yall

Apologies to folks who were planning to come to the Consent Workshop tomorrow facilitated by the Mindful Liberation Project, but one of their members is having some health issues this week, so  we are going to cancel tomorrow. We will reschedule to do the consent workshop at some point in the future, but right now it is more important that some self- care happen!

We hope you will still think about consent, talk to people about consent, practice consent, and take steps towards building a community of consent in whatever community(ies) you participate in.

Here are some links to various zines and pamphlets about consent that you might find useful to read.



The Wingnut Anarchist Collective and the Mindful Liberation Project

The Richmond Police Department, like most police departments, routinely breaks the law, behaves in racist ways, and engages in acts of brutality against the public.

In the past week we have seen or heard of 3 incidents of police brutality. Anyone with video footage of police brutality is highly encouraged to email us a copy or a link at

Anyone who wants tips on how to copwatch or on your rights when dealing with the police is also encouraged to get in touch. The Wingnut Anarchist Collective started Richmond Copwatch about 3 years ago. We no longer have a formal Copwatch organization (though if you are interested let us know), but we still have the capacity to host workshops, come to you and your organization with a workshop, and of course to observe and record the police in Richmond and every where we go.

Here is a link to a story about an incident that occurred in Gilpin Court, a nearby neighborhood:

We have also heard that a man in Southern Barton Heights was beaten up by the police this week, and some of us were a witness to a man getting tazed at Harrison and Grace St. on Saturday night.

If you have video or pictures of the police tazing, beating, harassing, stop and frisking, etc. please send it to us! The more people who watch and record the police on a regular basis the less bullshit they can get away with. These are our neighborhoods, let’s take them back from the biggest most violent gang in Richmond- the Police Department.

This brunch, facilitated by Mindful Liberation Project members and a member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, will focus on learning consent in everyday life and how to navigate boundaries. Consent will be addressed regarding sexual encounters as well as in non-sexual interactions.

Possible trigger Warnings: Discussion of Violence, Consent Violation, Rape, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Control, Manipulation, Boundary Violation

As this is an event for people who are not 100% with consent (they are there to learn), it is assumed that perpetrators of violence/abuse or people with boundary issues may attend. Due to the nature of the talk and intended possible audience, this is not guaranteed to be a Safe Space for Survivors of Violence. We will have someone trained in safe spaces available for anyone that needs assistance.

Bring a dish to share, vegan preferred.

There will still be a Consent Brunch at the Wingnut on April 27th at 1pm, just with different facilitators. The discussion is open to perpetrators, survivors, and anyone who wants to come get educated on consent. It will obviously not be a safe space, in that the discussion could get heavy or triggering. We will try to facilitate in such a way as to minimize the triggering aspect.

We do not believe that the only ways to deal with rapists or perpetrators is to excommunicate or annihilate. We believe that people who have made mistakes deserve opportunities to be accountable for their mistakes, get educated around relevant issues, and change the way they think and the way they behave.
We hope that in addition to the Overcoming Violence Workshop we hosted with the Mindful Liberation Project in March, this Consent Brunch will be a continued step towards building a culture of consent and accountability that gives folks opportunities to learn the things that they need to in order to be a part of our community.

April 27th – Consent Brunch
Location: The Wingnut Collective
Time: 1pm

Join us at the Wingnut Collective for our first consent brunch and workshop. There has been a recent turn of events within our community that have led us to the decision that we need to have a setting where people can come and be educated on the consent and sex positivity in the modern day. The workshop will be a hands-on discussion based learning environment with many resources provided for both perpetrators and survivors of violence in order to work to combat sexual and domestic violence in our community. We will be discussing topics of domestic violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment and rape culture so please bring an open mind and we will try our best to ensure this zone is as safe as possible.

this will be a potluck, bring a dish to share if you can, vegan preferred.

This will be facilitated by some members of the Mindful Liberation Project and a member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.

Consent Brunch Flyer 4 27

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Check out Richmond’s new anarchist collective- Infidel Collective!

The Infidel Collective

Mission Statement

There has been a myth that the truth is transparent and that everyone has the freedom of obtaining information about the facts and theories that surround them.  The unfortunate truth I have come to find is that information is not accessible, if one lives in a more underprivileged community they do not have the same access to information that one does living in a middle class home.  This can be access through libraries, public school systems, and an easily accessed home internet connection.  Because of this, if a person is born into a marginalized community, they suffer the consequences of not having the proper information that they as an individual living in a democracy have the right to.  The Infidel Collective is set towards emphasizing the radical idea that information is a right, not a privilege.

All work that is published will both be digital and paper formatted in order to ensure that everyone is able to obtain the information.  I will distribute all media and literature by hand, through your local bookshops, in your coffee bar, and online through .pdf formats that can be read both on the computer and electronic reader devices.  The Collective will be donation based and all money made will go straight back into producing and distributing more zines, I should not make a profit off of giving people information they had a right to in the first place.

The Infidel Collective will carry information concerning Human, Earth and Animal Liberation through the intersectional school of thought.  I believe that all issues of oppression / repression are interlocking and must be problematized and deconstructed with one another in order to capture and dismantle the institutional pillars of oppression / repression.  We must understand that in order to fight oppression / repression, we must do so as a community of people coming from a plethora of backgrounds and identities that construct who we are as individuals.  If you are not able to accept, acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in diversity, you are further perpetuating the normative institutions of hatred and marginalization.

We must stand together in solidarity to fight the institutional boots pressed down on our throats together as allies.  Rather than turning our cheeks, we will bash back.  We will not assimilate into a normative society that teaches us to fear the other, to hate the other, to oppress the other, and to repress the other.  Equality is no utopia, together we can promise our future generations to come that they will be safe to walk the streets free to express themselves without harm and hatred.

In solidarity,
The Infidel Collective





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Here is the March Political Prisoner Birthday Poster from our comrades in North Carolina! Please print, and spread widely! Write letters to prisoners!

If you don’t know how you can come to Richmond Food Not Bombs on Sundays during meal prep/cooking time from 12:30 to 3:30 at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective to help write a collaborative birthday letter to a political prisoner each week!


Hello Friends and Comrades,

2)Bob Sheldon Award
3)Two Grand Jury Resisters Free
4)Albert Woodfox’s Conviction Overturned For Third Time
5)Lorenzo Komboa Ervin In Trouble
6)Support Fracking Saboteur
7)Destroying Surveillance Cameras
8)NYC Anarchist Black Cross Updates
9)Help Us!

1)Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for March. As always,
please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing
night of your own. We’re still experimenting with the format a little, so
this month is also a double sided 11×17 that can also be used as a poster
to promote your local letter writing night.

From our comrades to the south- Chapel Hill Prison Books, here is your monthly update and political prisoner birthday poster:
Hello Friends and Comrades,

Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for February. As always,
please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing
night of your own. We’re still experimenting with the format a little, so
this month is also a double sided 11×17 that can also be used as a poster
to promote your local letter writing night.

This month’s poster is dedicated to Aaron Swartz. Here is an article we
posted about his life and death.

Luke O’Donovan has been released. His bail was 35K. He is in very high
spirits and is currently resting with his friends and family. Luke has
still not been indicted and there is still need for much more money to
cover lawyers and legal costs.

Accused Earth Liberation Front arsonist Rebecca Rubin has been transferred
again. Please write her letters of love and support. Remember, she is
still pre-trial so please avoid writing about anything to do with her

Rebecca Rubin #770288
Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC)
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

Activist lawyer and political prisoner Lynne Stewart breast cancer is
spreading to her lungs and shoulders. She needs immediate treatment NOW.
The prison authorities have known this since September. Please send her
letters of love and support.  More info here:

Lynne Stewart 53504-054
Federal Medical Center Carswell
Post Office Box 27137
Fort Worth, Texas 76127

Lastly, here is a link to the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War
every-other week update by the  NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots
of good updates on many political prisoners.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

The Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

A documentary recently completed by Baldeep on Richmond Food Not Bombs.
Please watch and share!
We are always looking for more organizers, more political events, more donations, more fundraisers, etc.

Thanks Baldeep!

Self Care is the radical concept that it is important to take care of yourself, and your emotional, mental, and physical needs.In activist scenes, this is a concept that can all too frequently be ignored or undervalued, to the detriment of the mental/physical/emotional health of community members.

Many people struggle with this, and we want to take up a little bit of webspace to acknowledge this, and provide a few resources to help folks who are trying to/struggling to deal with all the hurt this world can heap on us.

Definitely looking for more resources, suggestions from other anarchist/feminist/radical/activist spaces, and better ways to explain the concept! Please get in touch at wingnut_collective [at]

And take care of yourself out there! (Find communities that value your self care!)

This first link has a bunch of great resources for people looking to read up on self care. The second link is for the Icarus project, which is a radical mental health organization with good resources and ideas on their website.

From the Mind(ful) Liberation Project out of Richmond, Virginia (samesies) here are lists of Hotlines and Warmlines for folks in crisis, or just needing support in some way. Mind(ful Liberation Project also does the RVA Peer Support Project, which we encourage folks to check out.

Hotlines & Warmlines

If there are any others you think need to be added to this please let us know!

Peer Support:

1-804-631-3124. A peer support line operated by Richmond’s Mindful Liberation Project, a chapter of the international Icarus Project. Confidential and anonymous hot/warmline. Entirely volunteer run, no professionals, no calling the police or forced hospitalization. Just peer support, now.

1-877-838-2838. The Vet2Vet Peer Support Hotline, run by the Kristen Brooks Hope Center. Peer support from veterans to veterans. The website also offers a live chat.

Depression/Suicide/Crisis Hotlines: (more…)

Consent is a concept that we value very highly at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. There have been a bunch of things that have happened lately that are pretty disturbing, and that one of the things that came out of the consent workshop we recently hosted was that we need to have better norms as a community rather than just different individual actions. TO that end we’re going to try to come up with a set of standards for behavior that addresses issues of consent in an activist context. We would love to hear from other activist/radical/feminist/anarchist spaces about what community norms you have in place, and any advice or tips you might have to offer.

For folks unfamiliar with this concept, here is a definition. It is a difficult concept to concisely define, so please take the time to check out the links below and read some of the articles/zines. We also have copies of some excellent zines, such as Learning Good Consent that you could read in the space.

Consent is informed, consent is never assumed, consent is not the same for everyone, consent is verbal, consent is an ongoing process, consent is knowing and respecting personal and sexual boundaries of others, the only way to be certain that their is consent is through explicit verbal communication.

Consent is frequently placed in the sexual realm, which is really important. However, consent is a concept that we can and should incorporate into more realms of our interactions than just romantic or sexual ones.

Once we start having more organizing meetings in January (Monday the 28th), we hope to expand our activism around consent and alter/expand this list and definitions to be inclusive of the folks who organize as the Wingnut Anarchist Collective. Thanks to Crystal for recently facilitating a Consent Workshop at the Wingnut and getting us revamped on this conversation and critical piece of culture!

But in the mean time, here is our list of consent norms for the Wingnut that includes but is not limited to:

  • Please ask before you touch people- including handshakes/back pats/ hugs/ etc. If you are hugging/patting/etc. be aware that not everyone will necessarily be as enthusiastic about closeness or length of such things as you might be.
  • Respect the bodily autonomy of others. Essentially respect people’s personal space, try not to invade their bubbles with out their permission.
  • Respect pronouns – do not assume by how someone looks, dresses, does their hair, or acts that they prefer one gender pronoun over another. There are many genderqueer, trans, non gender binary folks who live at the Wingnut, come to events, and that you will meet throughout your life. Instead of assuming or guessing a pronoun, we ask that you ask. It can also work to tell folks with introductions, and we would like to make a culture where this happens. Ex: “Hello My name is Bob, and my preferred pronoun is they, what is yours?” or “Hi nice to meet you Sue, what is your preffered pronoun”. There are many different pronouns folks might prefer- including but not limited to: she, he, her, him, they, them, ze, hir, etc. Correct others who mis-pronoun people and Don’t act like someone’s identity is work for you.
  • Be mindful of the space you are taking up in a room – Don’t corner people – Don’t fill up doorways/block people in
  • If someone says they don’t want you to do something, you should stop, not argue about it. The default is not that you can do/say whatever you want. And if someone is uncomfortable, that is frequently not the best time to push an issue.

More Resources:

If you are new to the idea of consent, unfamiliar, confused, etc. it is your responsibility to read up on it, learn about it, and learn how to practice it. But we don’t mind helping to some extend. Here is a list of resources you can check out. If you have questions or concerns, or more resources that we should be offering, or interest in hosting an event or workshop about consent and related issues, please email us at wingnut_collective [at]