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The Richmond Transit Riders Union had its first meeting on Monday June 14th. There were about 30 people in attendance- at least 20 of whom had never participated in the organizing of RTRU before. The decision was made to officially form RTRU, and to also get together the following week to plan demands to bring to the City Council meetings later this month.

Some of the ideas for what the demands may look like include:

  • Opposing the fare hike and if the increase is unavoidable—proposing that it be temporary and alternative avenues of public transit funding are pursued.
  • Expanding services to work centers in surrounding counties and developing transit-oriented communities.
  • Opposing reduction of service hours.
  • Proposing day-long and monthly passes.
  • Proposing an improved map system at all stops to encourage new ridership.
  • Proposing a portion of the car tax be allocated to public transportation.
  • Proposing to allocate funding for road maintenance to assist in subsidizing public transportation.
  • Advocate for increased state and federal funding for public transportation.

More on the meeting and how you can get involved can be found at: