Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch had an article clearly meant to discourage Richmond City Council members from voting against the stadium idea at Tuesday’s meeting.

We need everyone out to City Council on Tuesday May 27th at 6pm – come early for protests out front and to make sure you get a seat. Last time the stadium issue was up for a vote the Council chambers were standing room only and filled to capacity with many folks being forced to wait outside or in an overflow room.

Wear red, bring signs, be hydrated and have water, bring phones charged, and bring snacks, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It might be a long meeting.

Starting in July the Wingnut will be having regular meetings twice a month.


The purpose of these meetings will be to improve communication and coordination around various community, activist, and creative projects going on under the Wingnut banner.

The meetings will take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6pm at the Wingnut (2005 Barton Avenue)

The 6pm meetings will be open to anyone who does or would like to organize with the Wingnut. If you want to get involved, start volunteering, collaborate around an issue, plan an event using our space, tell us about your project or organization, host a workshop  etc. please come at 6pm. We ask that you come on time to make sure we do not have to drag out meetings or repeat items. Feel free to email us ahead of time with your agenda item at

At 7pm the meeting will then become for residents only, where we will discuss normal household business.

The upcoming meeting dates are:

Monday, July 7th

Monday, July 21st

Monday, August 4th

Monday, August 18th

Just got word that the Pioneers Press book tour will be hitting Chop Suey on Cary st. Tonight from 5-7

Short notice but Pioneers Press is an awesome DIY Radical publisher and distro.

Adam Gnade will be there and reading from his awesome DIY guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin Sad.
Come out and bring some friends and some cash.

Especially recommended if you are looking for inspiration, mental health advice, self care tips, etc.

Hope to see you and your friends there tonight!!

Want to help the Wingnut?

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We get a lot of folks asking how they can help out. We really appreciate the support and we are trying to envision where we can take that support and use it most effectively.
If you have visionary ideas of projects you would like to see happen under the Wingnut Anarchist Collective banner please do not hestitate to get in touch.
We would love to host more workshops, yoga/exercise/self defense courses, book and poetry readings, and acousti music events.
We definitely need help promoting events, having copies made of fliers and literature, cleaning communal areas of the house, yardwork, fundraising, gardening, etc.
But we would love to have more dynamic projects that could expand and grow the anarchist vision and projects of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.

Thursday June 12 @ 7pm

Revolutionary prose and raps at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective- 2005 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

Performers will have merch to sell, and we will also be asking for donations for their efforts, recommended $5 donation, but if you don’t have it come anyway to get some fire in your belly!

Brando is a slam poet from Denver, CO. It is pretty badass anarcho spoken word punk type stuff. (he also was on the slam team that won the National Poetry Slam competition in 2011) He has been doing a mix of poetry events and punk shows

Local MC P.T. Burnem will be doing the thing as well. Precise, thought provoking raps over home made bombast blasting from the beatbox.

Official Video for “Midas Touch”:

PT Rapping in his bedroom:

Mo Karnage will be debuting some spoken word they’ve never revealed before, bringing out the anarcho flow and blushing.

Looking for one or two other spoken word or radical musicians to perform!
All ages

Go to the local radio station’s tune in page to listen to Thursday’s Open Source episode where Wingnut Tammie is interviewed about Fast Food Workers and the Fight for $15!!

Fight for 15 in RVA video

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By Jen Lawhorne

Loving and Looting in RVA

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Shockoe Bottom Baseball discected in video form!
Well done!

Loving and Looting in RVA:

Over 45 people came out at 6am today to strike or support striking workers at the Burger King on Chamberlayne. There will be another strike today at 11am at the KFC on Belt Blvd. Details in a post below.
Please share this media as the local news did not come out for the 6am event.
Over 150 cities globally are on strike today!!
These photos are by Mo and Tammie








Thursday May 15!!!!


Come out Richmond to support Fast Food Workers in their fight for 15 and the right to unionize. We need all community support that we can get!!

Early birds, come get your strike on at 6am at 2601 Chamberlayne Ave @ Burger King before you go to work or school!!! It means a lot to Fast food workers to get community support.

Later, join us at BCT Local 203T, 231 Belt Blvd, Richmond, VA 23224 at 9am on Thursday May 15. We will gather, connect, make signs and prepare for the demo. At 10:45 we will march to the KFC at 401 Belt Blvd.

Facebook page for the event:!/profile.php?id=572614862836137


The first strike happened in New York over a year ago, several months later fast food workers, in over 60 cities across the nation, went on strike. Last December, fast food workers in over a 100 cities, including Richmond for the first time, went on strike. Now, on May 15th, fast food workers from 33 countries in every continent (except Antarctica) will be going out to strike as well.

After our last strike in December, McDonald’s, one of the biggest corporations in the world, admitted to the SEC that the strikes are hurting and that they may need to increase wages. City after city have passed living-wage bills, Connecticut soon followed. With so many believing that the labor movement is dying, we are proving them dead-wrong. We are remaking history.


Our wage theft action in April was a huge success; with various unions and community supporters coming out in solidarity, but there were union busters on-site as well. What has kept the workers safe from retaliation at that Wendys was the overwhelming community support. We can expect the boss response to be more coordinate and severe this time around, so our community support has to be even greater. We are going to win this thing, but only with more of the support that you all have given since day one.

So we are gathering at BCT Local 203T at 9am and marching to the KFC at 10:45am