These are the people responsible for privatizing Monroe Park

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our enemies have names and addresses! Well, at least most of them do!

Here are relevant addresses for folks involved with the Monroe Park Conservancy and privatization of Monroe Park. We found the addresses from the City’s Property Finder webpage.

There is always the possibility of mistakes so please double check the info before planning and demo or protest or sending mail to their addresses.

Alice Massie – 1643 Monument Avenue
Charles Samuels – 203 N Mulberry
Dwight Jones – 5210 Beddington Rd
John W. Bates 3 – nothing found
David Hicks – 3213 Stratford Rd
Christopher L. Beschler – 3626 Hastings Drive
Suzette Denslow – 2 addresses came up so unsure which is primary residence 3317 Patterson Ave and 3917 w. Grace st
Brian J. Ohlinger – 1350 Westwood Ave
Cathy w Howard – nothing found
Thomas Huff – nothing found
Mark S. Dray – 612 w Franklin st. This is a condo building though and do not know his number for mail
R. Scott Ukrop- 6024 St. Andrews Lane

Again please double check these addresses before sending mail or planning demos. Please do not plan on breaking any laws as there is not the sort of movement infrastructure needed to support prisoners nor is their any tactical or strategic benefit to doing so in this situation. If you are interested in taking action to apply pressure to these people we recommend checking out the SHAC model of home demonstrations.

Oh and for the record, Wingnut – 2005 Barton Ave. Cause fair is fair with the legal, public info.

Keep Monroe Park Open and Free!!


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