Monday Night- Puppet workshop and show!! Magic Puppet Bus Tour Comes to the Wingnut!

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The Wingnut Anarchist Collective will be hosting the Magic Puppet Bus Tour on Monday December 10th.

Jawbone Puppet Theater is a father and son act from Brooklyn, NY. Poncili
Company is a collective of four young experimental puppeteers from Puerto
Rico. We have joined forces to embark on a project which is part puppet
tour, part cultural exchange, and part life/art/theater/education
experiment, and we would love to do some shows and workshops in your

At 5pm they will be facilitating a workshop on puppet making.

At 7pm they will be putting on a puppet show!

Both events are free, but please bring some money to donate to the touring puppeteers. They will also have some art for sale!

Please check out more pictures and videos of our work here:

and here:

And check out Corn Snake’s Facebook page to see images of his monster
prints and street performance:

Also, here is a video of Jawbone Puppet Theater performing “Jurassic
Justice” at the Chicken Hut in Brooklyn:

Jurassic Justice -Toy Dinosaur


Poncili Company and Jawbone Puppet Theater present:

DINOSAUR SAINTS & HUMBLE ROBOTS, the magic puppet bus tour.

Poncili Company, a collective of experimental puppeteers from Puerto Rico bring you 2 short, surreal, whimsical pieces:

“Half Full, Half Empty” Not only does a magical landscape unfold from a suitcase, and continue to shift and morph in a way that will blow your mind, but also we go on a search for a moose, AND it’s a sing-a-long! What more could you want?

“The Last Robot” The last robot is dead! When space and time collide, the germs and insects dance with the aboriginal lady. But what good is love in a post apocalyptic daydream?

Jawbone Puppet Theater is a father and son act from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Taiwan. Adam Ende is the puppeteer and janitor. Corn Snake is the five-year-old little puppeteer and music director. Together we bring you a whole lot of funny suffering and misery:

“Esoteric Toy Dinosaur Theater” The hobo and the kid play toy dinosaurs to reinterpret two wise old black american folk tales. “Papa, listen to me. When all of the dinosaurs in the courthouse are meat eaters, and you’re just a common plant eater, there ain’t gonna be much justice for you, poor hobo.”

“The Bucket Rider” Based on the short story by Franz Kafka. Turn of the century Europeans freezing to death.

Between acts our house band brings you Loretta Lynn heartbreak songs, and mariachi songs about drinking yourself to death over lost love. They say we don’t know how to sing, but at least we throw our hearts and souls into it.

The workshop (5pm):

Make a puppet show. Kids and adults of all ages are welcome!

We will use brainstorming techniques and physical theater/movement excersizes to generate a story and develop characters together. We will use all recycled materials and garbage, especially a lot of cardboard and paint, to make simple, effective masks and puppets. By the end of the workshop we will rehearse a show together, and finally all the participants will be offered the exciting and fun chance to perform our new show as the opening act of the evening festivities at 7.

This event is sober and all ages.

2005 Barton Avenue – 804 303 5449 – wingnut_collective @

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