Some of the files recently received through the Freedom of Information Act by Keith McHenry pertain to Richmond Food Not Bombs. We have uploaded these files to so you can download and read them yourself. Much of the information has been redacted, but there is still enough there to make it clear that there was at least 1 FBI informant participating in Richmond Food Not Bombs during the 2003-2005 time period.

FBI Files on Richmond Food Not Bombs

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  1. […] In totally unrelated news, Orlando Food Not Bombs has been fighting a new ordinance in their city that makes it illegal to do large servings of food in any city park without a permit, and those permits are only available 2 times per year per group. So, Food Not Bombs and its allies have responded by REFUSING to stop feeding. So far, over 20 people have been arrested for feeding people in public parks, and the Mayor of Orlando has even dubbed them FOOD TERRORISTS. Richmond Food Not Bombs has sent a solidarity care package to Orlando, and Orlando has sent Richmond a .pdf of documents they received through the Freedom of Information Act that tell tale of a Snitch planted within Richmond Food Not Bombs between the years 2003-2005. Take a look for yourself here. […]