The VCU student paper the Commonwealth Times included a terrible article in the opinion section this week. Not only was there an offensive graphic depicting a cartoonish Wingnut, yupie, and presumably homeless person, but also the entire article was riddled with mistakes.

You can check out the text here:

The picture is on the print copy, or on the front page of the CT website- in the scrolling picture bar.

We tried to comment on the article, to correct its many mistakes, but the comment has not appeared on the site.  The article conflates the Wingnut Anarchist Collective with Food Not Bombs multiple times, as well as completely fails to mention that Food Not Bombs exists. It also states as fact many things which are not fact. No one at the Wingnut was consulted or interviewed at all for this article. The CT might want to consider checking facts in articles, as well as refraining from terrible graphics.

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