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May day Parade and cookout!!!

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Facebook event:!/events/1414586022140446?ref=m_notif&notif_t=event_mall_comment

Hey yall!
Food not bombs is bottomlining a cookout after the May day parade this year. But we could really use help from community organizations. We have compiled a list of food items we hope other groups can bring out. We also are encouraging you to bring signs, banners, literature, and friends! The plan for the day (Thuraday May 1) is as follows:
2 – meet at Abner Clay Park in Jackson ward
2:30 – Leave park and start the parade led by All Saints Theater.
3:30-4 arrive in Monroe Park for a potluck cookout and rally. There will also hopefully be bands and various organizations tabling and periodic speakers. We plan to hang out until dark or everyone gets full and tired.

We are organizing May Day in solidarity with Fast Food Workers fighting for $15 and more rights, the struggle against a Shockoe Stadium, and the struggle against the privatization of Monroe Park.

We are focusing May day on Monroe Park this year because since City Council leased the park to a private organization last week we are very concerned about it’s future and potentially threats to Food Not Bombs’ 20+ year legacy in the park, free speech and protests in the park,  and the many low income and homeless people who use the park regularly.

Here is a list of food items we think would go well with the cookout potluck. But feel free to improvise or bring a personal favorite to share. If you can, drop us a line so we know what you are bringing! We plan on having veggie dogs and popsicles and water coolers as a bare minimum.
We could also use several charcoal grills if you can bring one let us know!!!
Ideas to bring:
- Drink mixes 
- Ice 
- Meat for grilling 
- Hot dog buns 
- Corn on the cob 
- baked beans- vegetarian 
- potato salad 
- watermelons 
- salads, coleslaw 
- condiments 
- veggie burgers/ burgers??? 
- desserts

Please share this information with members of your organization and other organizations. We would love to see a huge turnout so we can stake our claim on the streets and parks of Richmond, and enjoy eachothers company as we celebrate the legacy of Worker’s Rights and Organizing!

Mo Karnage




3 nazis we ran into at #easteronparade I saw the SS tattoo behind one of their ears and called them racist bastards. To which they responded by revealing their swastika tattoos and heiling. Please share so folks can be aware of their presence in town. #rva #nazis #whitesupremacists #antifa #fascists #wingnut

Check out Mo’s essay on why to protest on Easter Sunday!

And some signs we are bringing -

easter1 easter2 easter3

If you have not yet, please read the below post about the Mayor’s property assessment which we think needs to be examined and explained.
And again thanks to the friends who have been helping to do the research around this issue.

In yet another befuddling development, it appears that the City of Richmond’s own website does not provide accurate square footage to acre ratios in the property info.

This first image is the calculation of reported square footage of Jones’ property converted into acres.


Now we have the same for his neighbor Ray Boone.


If you compare the information on the properties of Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond Free Press owner Ray Boone it states that Boone has higher acreage. But that conflicts with the square footage given of both properties.

Who knows if they look at sqft or acres in their “math”, but at 43,560 sqft/acre, the mayor’s land should be 3.4 acres, not 3.01.  The only way boone’s larger piece of land is 3.51 acres is if you add the square footage of his smaller property and round up from 3.50289, but that is assessed separately and has its own “acreage”. 

Even using the acreage numbers,
Mayor’s land: $13,289/acre
Boone’s land: $27,065/acre (larger property) and $37,383/acre (smaller)

Is this a common occurance on property data that the square feet and acreage not add up? Is there a reason for this or is it an oversight? It appears to us that the square footage to acre ratio for surrounding properties is very precise, even down to the hundreth of an acre. Why so sloppy about Mayor Jones’ property?

And if it is an error, and Jones truly has a larger lot than Boone, then the 64,000 dollar drop in Jones’ property assessment is even more peculiar.

We hope that the Mayor is not getting special treatment, and we would hope that all properties are assessed fairly.


According to the City of Richmond’s Property Search and Tax Assessment data, the assessed value of the land that Dwight Jones’ house sits on has dropped 64,000 in the past year.


We all know that the market fluctuates, and that the functioning of the real estate market under capitalism is largely speculative and prejudicial. But what is very interesting here, is that the Mayor’s neighbors did not receive the same sorts of lowered assessments. The amount taxed on 64,000 at the current rate would be approx. $768 dollars annually. While not a ton of money, we all know that every little bit counts, especially when our schools, parks, and public transit are hurting like they are.

Raymond Boone of the Richmond Free Press, who allowed Occupy protesters to camp on his lawn in 2011, lives next door to the Mayor. Here are his assessments:Boone


Boone’s property is about half an acre larger than the Mayor’s, which does not seem to explain the giant discrepancy in land values and assessments.

Another of the Mayor’s neighbors, with a much smaller parcel, did receive a lower land assessment, but it does not seem in proportion to what the Mayor received.



To recap our friend ran the numbers on square foot value:
Mayor’s land: $0.27/sq ft
Boone’s land (2 parcels): $0.86/sqft and $0.69/sqft
The smaller parcel referred to with its new LOWERED value: $1.41/sqft

Ok, so apparently larger parcels get lower value per sqft?…

If you zoom out from the mayor’s land, the two larger nearby pieces of land as you look slightly south are $0.42/sqft and $0.40/sqft (for a 1.5million sqft $600k piece of land).

The mayor must be living over a toxic dump.

We can not speak as to whether or not Dwight Jones had or has any knowledge about this assessment discrepancy, but it seems potentially problematic, and certainly deserves an explanation if not an inquiry. It would be a shame if the Mayor himself were not paying appropriate taxes into the City of Richmond.

Civil Rights Attorney, Tom Roberts, who has previously represented members of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, and also spoke to ABC to confirm the complete legality of our posting publicly available information online like the Mayor’s address, was shocked to see the drop in the assessment of the Mayor’s property, and suggested that an inquiry be made into the matter.

If you would like to explore this issue more, please check out the City’s property finder application. It is a very helpful tool for many applications.!/events/239782032886294?ref=m_notif&notif_t=plan_user_invited&actorid=675975507

Against Venture Richmond, Privatization of Monroe Park, and Baseball in Shockoe!

Facebook event for Sunday’s protest
Monument and Allen

May Day Poster

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Thanks to Bizhan and Lauren for this year’s poster!!! Come and bring signs and food to share!!!

The address of the Mayor of Richmond’s top secret bat cave was revealed by the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in a scathing online post, encouraging writing of letters, legal protests and explicitly discouraging illegal actions.

Richmond Police have responded to the imminent threat of letters and demonstrations by increasing their rounds near the Mayor’s house tonight. Apparently the 400,000 dollars spent annually to protect the Mayor is not enough to combat the potential guilt or discomfort he might feel if being called out for his actions to privatize Monroe Park and put at further risk some of Richmond’s most vulnerable citizens.

The secret location of the Mayor’s Bat Cave, which the Occupy RVA movement camped out next to in 2011, was deviously discovered by the Wingnuts on the City of Richmond’s own website. As it turns out, public officials are public, and indeed that info is public knowledge.…/propertysearch/

Members of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective are meanwhile enjoying cookies in bed and mixing beats on the rainy evening. Most likely in a highly threatening manner… like chewing with their mouths open. The arrival of news crews  to talk about this imminent threat disrupted the malicious naps of their adorable dogs.

If we didn’t know better it would seem as though the Richmond Police Department was wasting time and money to try and manufacture a threat that does not exist, and distract the public from information regarding the bad neoliberal practices that the Mayor and City Council are pushing forward. – Richmond, VA News

Our enemies have names and addresses! Well, at least most of them do!

Here are relevant addresses for folks involved with the Monroe Park Conservancy and privatization of Monroe Park. We found the addresses from the City’s Property Finder webpage.

There is always the possibility of mistakes so please double check the info before planning and demo or protest or sending mail to their addresses.

Alice Massie – 1643 Monument Avenue
Charles Samuels – 203 N Mulberry
Dwight Jones – 5210 Beddington Rd
John W. Bates 3 – nothing found
David Hicks – 3213 Stratford Rd
Christopher L. Beschler – 3626 Hastings Drive
Suzette Denslow – 2 addresses came up so unsure which is primary residence 3317 Patterson Ave and 3917 w. Grace st
Brian J. Ohlinger – 1350 Westwood Ave
Cathy w Howard – nothing found
Thomas Huff – nothing found
Mark S. Dray – 612 w Franklin st. This is a condo building though and do not know his number for mail
R. Scott Ukrop- 6024 St. Andrews Lane

Again please double check these addresses before sending mail or planning demos. Please do not plan on breaking any laws as there is not the sort of movement infrastructure needed to support prisoners nor is their any tactical or strategic benefit to doing so in this situation. If you are interested in taking action to apply pressure to these people we recommend checking out the SHAC model of home demonstrations.

Oh and for the record, Wingnut – 2005 Barton Ave. Cause fair is fair with the legal, public info.

Keep Monroe Park Open and Free!!


Easter Sunday – protest Venture Richmond, a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom,  and Monroe Park Lease at Robert E. Lee statue at Monument and Allen in front of Alice Massie’s house from 1-5pm Please Share!!! Spread the word and bring signs and banners and noisemakers!!!! #rvacouncil #monroepark #venturerichmond #nostadium #shockoebottom #rva #foodnotbombs #rvafoodnotbombs #anarchist #radical #wingnut #vulturerichmond